The List

Since it took me almost five full months to finish a list of forty hotties (a record, I’d say), I thought I should do a public service and recap. How else would you relive the glory and marvel at my fabulous taste?

Or throw your hands in the air and complain anew.

So, here it is, the list from 40 through 1.


Or don’t.

40. Catherine Deneuve 50-catherine-deneuve.jpg

39. Bebe Neuwirth 49-bebe-neuwirth.jpg

38. Mary-Louise Parker 38-mary-louise-parker.jpg

37. Eva La Rue 37-eva-la-rue.jpg

36. Julianne Moore 36-julianne-moore.jpg

35. Nigella Lawson 35-nigella-lawson.jpg

34. Emmylou Harris 34-emmylou-harris.jpg

33. Julie Strain 33-julie-strain.jpg

32. Cindy Crawford 32-cindy-crawford.jpg

31. Helen Mirren 31-helen-mirren.jpg

30. Lynda Carter 30-lynda-carter.jpg

29. Mariska Hargitay 29-mariska-hargitay.jpg

28. Monica Bellucci 28-monica-bellucci.jpg

27. Meredith Brooks 27-meredith-brooks.jpg

26. Rene Russo 26-rene-russo.jpg

25. Alicia Coppola 25-alicia-coppola.jpg

24. Linda Eder 24-linda-eder.jpg

23. Sandra Bullock 23-sandra-bullock.jpg

22. Felicity Huffman 22-felicity-huffman.jpg

21. Vanessa Williams 21-vanessa-williams.jpg

20. Sandra Bernhard 20-sandra-bernhard.jpg

19. Lauren Graham 19-lauren-graham.jpg

18. Salma Hayek 18-salma-hayek.jpg

17. Lena Olin 17-lena-olin.jpg

16. Deidre Hall 16-deidre-hall.jpg

15. Paige Turco 15-paige-turco.jpg

14. Jaclyn Smith 14-jaclyn-smith.jpg

13. Halle Berry 13-halle-berry.jpg

12. Paula Marshall 12-paula-marshall.jpg

11. Marisa Tomei 11-marisa-tomei.jpg

10. Constance Marie 10-constance-marie.jpg

9. Jennifer Tilly 9-jennifer-tilly.jpg

8. Lesley Ann Warren 8-lesley-ann-warren.jpg

7. Megan Mullally 7-megan-mullally.jpg

6. Kim Delaney 6-kim-delaney.jpg

5. Olga Tañon 5-olga-tanon.jpg

4. Kyra Sedgwick 4-kyra-sedgwick.jpg

3. Wendy Crewson 3-wendy-crewson.jpg

2. Famke Janssen famke-hottie-5.jpg

1. Laura Elena Harring laura-elena-hottie-2.jpg

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One Comment

  1. Everyone will likely have some issues with your order, but that’s neither here nor there.

    But I can’t help but think it’s only because of an oversight that you’ve failed to put Diane Lane on your list. Surely you can’t mean that she doesn’t generate more heat than at least half of the women on your list.

    This is your opportunity to re-think your position. She’s 44.

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