40 Hotties Over 40: #9 Jennifer Tilly (Age: 46… or 49)

There is some dispute over her birth year. Some sources say 1958. Some say 1961. Let me simplify. ’58 or ’61, 46 or 49… bitch is hot.

So hot that when I went scouring for good pics, I didn’t even try to pick just one.


We will forgive her Bride of Chucky for giving us so many other wonderful things. This for example –

Take your pick

Funny, sexy, and a professional poker player, what else could we possibly need?

And I really really appreciate the way she uses what she has to help her game.


I admit… I’d be distracted.

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  1. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.



    I swear to fucking God, if Bound had never been made, I would have never known I was a lesbian. And I never would have heard of Jennifer. Or Gina Gershon. And that would have been a tragedy.

  2. Oddly enough, I didn’t find Jennifer Tilly particularly attractive in Bound. I definitely feel like she has grown into her hotness.

  3. I actually didn’t find Jennifer attractive until I saw her in Seed of Chucky… as terrible as it was, she was hot… and now that she is playing poker… *dies happily*

  4. I’m a dude and “Bound” turned me into a lesbian! And I’m only lukewarm on Gina Gershon.

    I’ve been paying attention to this bi-national cutie (She’s called both America and Canada home.) since I saw Moving Violations in the mid 80’s. If I live to be 100, I’ll never forget the time she was on Letterman, “dropped something” at her feet and bent over to pick it up. I was paralyzed with my mouth hanging open and drool coming out for about an hour.

    Oddly, she’s not a celeb I think about much. But when she’s on-screen, she’s all I’m thinking about. Without a doubt, I find her far and away the most distracting woman in Hollywood.
    Whenever she is on-screen, little else registers with me.

    Yeah, she’s good looking and has really nice, NATURAL, cleavage. But even though I am a straight man, it takes more than that to get to me. (Yeah, who am I fooling?) Maybe it’s that voice. Those who don’t immediately run from it are frozen in place by it and are at her mercy, which is largely non-existant.

    She is merciless in her desire to draw all your blood away from your brain and towards your nether regions. She knows exactly what she’s doing. She may look and sound like some bubble-headed 1930’s wanna-be starlet (perfect for Bullets Over Broadway) but she’s no dumb bunny. She is the smartest “bimbo” in the world.

    I once heard her say that it’s all part of her carefully planned strategy to use her other talents to overcome her voice and lack of acting talent. “My sister (Meg) is the actor”. She claimed she can’t act well and really isn’t very sexy. Her one talent is that she can ACT sexy. If that’s the case, I nominate her for a Lifetime Achievement Award.

    For somebody so bold and outgoing, she can seem shy and self deprecating. I believe she has an overwhelming desire to be the centre of attention to make up for her perceived shortcomings. Normally, I consider the desire to be famous (especially based on being sexy) a distasteful character flaw. But when Jennifer Tilly does it, I don’t seem to mind.

    Her shamless flirting, her manner of dress, her sexual entendres and her openness about it might be off-putting if it came from somebody else. Perhaps, it’s because she was doing it when it was actually unfashionable; long before the media was filled with two-bit pop-tarts and no talent skanks trying get rich and famous by doing crotch shots for any camera in town. Maybe it’s because I can’t help but feel she’s actually a sweet, good natured, person underneath. I’m just not sure. And when she’s on-screen, I’m not really thinking about much of anything.

    So, she’s become a professional poker player? I don’t consider that a career change at all. It fits my profile of her completely. She can be cagey and calculating and yet be willing to let it all hang out. And, once again, taking advantage of her ability to distract. But just like her moth-like attraction to the flame of Hollywood, gambling is another self-destructive behaviour.

    I think I’m going to rent Bound this weekend.

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