40 Hotties Over 40: #34 Emmylou Harris (Age: 61)

She’s the same age as my dad, and she’s the only person on this list that I can say with absolute certainty we both have a crush on. It’s because she’s a goddess. There I said it.

Emmylou Harris… seriously, what a babe.


And, as if it’s not enough to be way hot at age 61, she’s also super talented and well-respected, or so say the collection of Grammys that she earned in not one… not two… not three… but four different decades. She’s an activist, founded an animal shelter, and is just all-around wondrous and angelic. For that, we bestow upon her the number 34.

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  1. Definately a vastly overlooked Over 40 who deserves more credit.

    I knew she was up there, but had no idea she was over 60. That’s probably because I never saw her until she was largely grey. She probably could have passed for 30 and still could pass for mid-40’s. I just figured she started going grey in her 20’s and left it to make a statement.

    While it works for her on several, I would have preferred if she kept the hair dark and had natural white “highlights”. A strip of white in otherwise dark hair can be a real turn on.

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