40 Hotties Over 40: #39 Bebe Neuwirth (Age: 49)

She sings. She acts. She dances. She says things like this:

“If you have to ask how to be sexy after 40, you probably can’t do it.”

Ah, the wisdom of the ages.

She’s Bebe Neuwirth, Broadway babe.


Last year, Bebe became the first woman to have played both of Chicago’s merry murderesses, Velma and Roxie, on Broadway. She moved better than women half her age… after having a hip replacement not long before her run.

She’s known as “smelly good” around here. We ended up walking behind her one day on a New York street and she smelled so delicious, we wanted to follow her wherever she was going. We didn’t, but it was tempting.

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  1. Hey, I gotta say, after the unfortunately abortive series “L&O: Trial By Jury”, I became a fan of her myself. Never cared much for Lilith on “Cheers” except for the humor from the monotonistic, repressed sexuality.

    But when she took on the role of ADA Tracy Kibre, I realized she was a talented actor. That led to my realizing she was a bit of a hottie too. (And the subtextual tension between she & Amy Carlson’s Kelly Gaffney…)

    I’ll be curious who else you choose. And if Tara posts her own list, I’ll be checking that one out as well.

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