40 Hotties Over 40: #19 Lauren Graham (Age: 41)

There are worse things to be known as for all of eternity than Lorelai Gilmore, even if those last couple seasons of Gilmore Girls were… um… er… uneven.

But still, what a hot mama.


She does seem a little bit spastic. She jumped off of furniture on Ellen’s talk show before Tom Cruise had his moment. He totally didn’t even come up with it. Lauren was demonstrating a kick of some sort that she learned for a movie. She looked ridiculous. It was awesome.

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  1. she’s over 40? serious? maybe i’ve been brainwashed by all the gilmore girls reruns… still gorgeous

  2. i watched Imagine Me and You last night. soooo cute! now, i know Lena Headey is too young for the list, but maybe some Sarah Connor Chronicles fiction? have you been watching it?

  3. I have seen Imagine Me & You… of course, but I can’t help you on SCC… sorry.

    There isn’t a lot on TV that I have to watch. Last season, WMC is the only thing I saw every episode of. I also watch Without a Trace and Numbers whenever I feel like it. And I do watch The Closer.

    I’ve tried really hard lately not to watch new shows, because every single one I watch gets canceled. Clearly, this year was no exception. Bastards!

  4. I’m with Riley on this. Getting involved in new shows is a gamble. I did catch In Plain Sight the other day, and it didn’t stink. I’m still gonna try not to get attached. Though cable shows tend to fair better, I’m not taking any chances. I wasn’t even going to watch WMC but then I saw ep.1, and that whole “Don’t you need a warrant for that…plus I picked it already.” exchange, and I was a goner.

    I’m still kinda bitter about what those ABC excecidiots did. I have this irrational desire for all their new fall shows to fail.

    As for SCC, I’ve seen fic about it and pepole are pairing Sarah/Cameron, but isn’t Cameron supposed to be Sarah’s pretend daughter?…and a robot? Kinda makes me queasy. And not in a good way. Maybe I should be more open-minded.

    So anyway, topic? Yeah! Lauren Graham does rock.

  5. nikky, nikky, nikky, you said the key word: “pretend” daughter. and she’s a robot who’s been programmed with the ability to learn and adapt. she’s practically human except for the cybernetic endoskeleton, so what’s the problem?? riley, i think you’d like this show. go watch it online. it’s actually pretty well done. i was very pleasantly surprised. have you scene terminator one and two, though?

    this is what you need to focus on: lena headey and summer glau.

  6. Ok Tara, I’ll give you Lena Headey, but, I know I’m gonna get booed off the stage here, I find Summer Glau kinda blah. And maybe I shouldn’t have judged their slashability after having watched only 2 or 3 episodes. But “She’s my daughter and my lover” still kinda weird.

    Not that I’m apologizing for it, but I’ve been using Lindsay/Cindy as my yardstick for femslashness standard which I know is unfair. Especially since I was on the Hardened-Homicide Inspector/Doe-eyed-Crime-Reporter bandwagon after less then 30 sec of the 1st ep.

    So, if you can point me in the direction of some good SCC fic, I’m willing to consider it…them.

    Has anybody checked out CBS’ Swingtown? It’s super cheesy but fun. And Susan and Trina are totally gonna do it sans husbands.

    Oh, and Lauren Graham still rocks.

  7. I have seen the Terminator movies, yes. Maybe I’ll get on this.

    I also use Lindsay/Cindy as my yardstick and it’s pretty hard to live up to, isn’t it?

    I wanted to watch Swingtown. Bisexual Molly Parker are three words I would like to hear over and over again for all of eternity.

    Um, and it’s funny that you should mention “She’s my daughter and my lover” being kind of weird on this particular post, because Lorelai and Rory actually were mother and daughter, and that is a very special episode I definitely would have tuned in for.

  8. o, nikky, here ya go:

    check out the More Than a Mission series. very nice.

    why is everyone using something so new as a yardstick. it’s not fair to the femslash goddesses of old:
    Kathryn Janeway and Seven of Nine, Xena and Gabriel, Alex and Olivia…
    these are the true yardsticks.

    it’s like comparing…. Lena Olin to Summer Glau. both hot, yes, but (as TNT puts it so well) the original is the best.

  9. Thanks for the link, Tara. I promise I’ll check it out.

    As for why the L/C yardstick? I don’t know if I can explain it well enough. It’s visceral, I guess.

    I’m certain Riley would explain it better. She is the writer. And you know what? She did. Her “Me and You” vid says it better than I ever could.

    I’m not linking it cause I suck at linkage. Besides, I know you know which one I’m talking about.

  10. Ah Nikky, so strange you should mention a Riley-written explanation of Lindsay/Cindy as said yardstick. I am working on it right now.

  11. Her and Mary Louise Parker might as well be sisters. They have a very similar appeal. The kind of smirky, dark haired, smart ass, kind of thing going on.

    I didn’t watch Gilmore Girls, but I sure liked her in Bad Santa. Didn’t think she was 40, but good choice. Then again, there are so many to choose from that it’s hard to make a bad choice.

    Hell, I remember the day when it was hard to fill a “30 Over 30” celeb list. But these days, you can’t swing a cat (no that’s not a euphemism) without hitting a hot Over 40 gal. I hope it’s a trend that continues.

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