40 Hotties Over 40: #2 Famke Janssen (Age: 42)

I know that there are a lot of Famke fans out there. After all, she’s had some seriously high profile roles, and what kind of sorry, screwed up individual could dislike Jean Grey? So, while I will agree to share her with the millions of other people who find her distractingly sexy, I do feel that I have some kind of sacred right.

No… I’m not crazy. Let me explain.

Remember the movie The Faculty? Some of you should. Laura Harris was in it.

Remember Famke’s unfortunate style in it?


Let me help.

It went from this…                                                             to this…


Yes, there was improvement, but let me just say, I saw the hotness factor even through the painfully bad bangs. Yep… I win! Because, my oh my oh my, has she gotten hotter and hotter and hotter. See evidence below.


Wow, that’s delicious, even when she wears an ‘oops, I lost a sleeve’ dress.

But the fact that I picked a winner straight out of the gate is not my only reason for staking a bizarre and twisted metaphorical flag. You see, there’s been divine providence. There has!

Okay, so the first time I bought her in an auction, but still… it was pretty divine that the auction only went for $400. So, we drive on into L.A. (we were living just outside the city at the time) for the Eulogy premiere. No surprise, since she is in fact in the movie, our dearest Famke shows up. We get to chat with her at the after party. She was kind of drunk and kind of funny, and apparently had no short-term memory while intoxicated, because, after I got her attention by calling her by name, with correct pronunciation might I add (it’s Fom-kuh for those who don’t know), she then proceeded to immediately introduce herself by name, the entire time dancing to music that was apparently present inside her head.

So no real destiny there.

But then –

Cut to several months later, living back in Tennessee, we go to New York for Sandra Bernhard’s New Year’s Eve show at Joe’s Pub and go see the play Dog Sees God (that’s a palindrome by the way, check it) while we’re in town. Just before the lights go down, I see this hot brunette step into our row and sit down like three seats away, and immediately think, “Wow, that looks like Famke.” After another second, it hits me, but before I can break the news, Shawna turns to me and says, “Oh my God, it’s Famke.” And it was.

Then we drooled and flooded the theater.

Alright, not really, but honestly I didn’t know where to look. Like once at a Laura Pausini concert, there were these two hot Hispanic chics making out a few rows in front of us. Do you look at the stage or the sexiness happening in the seats? It’s never an easy decision. I looked mostly at the stage with occasional glimpses to make sure the sexy was enjoying herself. She didn’t much appear to be. I think it was the culture barrier. Dog Sees God is an unauthorized parody of Peanuts, so unless you grew up with Snoopy and Charlie Brown, I could see how most of the amusing moments were lost in translation.

Anyway, a completley unexpected Famke-sighting. Clearly, I’m supposed to gaze at her in person.

But enough about our mutual (in my head) love.

This one is for you animal lover types…


And these two are for me…



Sigh. Now see one of these movies stat, because she is also a phenomenal actress.

A scene from Love and Sex

The trailer for Turn the River

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