40 Hotties Over 40: #31 Helen Mirren (Age: 62)

“There is nothing like a dame, nothin’ in the world
There is nothing you can name that is anything like a dame”

Helen Mirren


And Dame Helen Mirren is damn hot.

There is something utterly regal and classy about her. (As a regal and classy person myself, I respond to that. Heh.) She’s also uber-talented. Did I mention she’s hot… which, for the purpose of this list, is all that really matters.

We also share the same birthday, which makes us kinda-sorta soul sistas. Mm hm. I feel kindred. I do. She’s like my sexy older twin who got all the good parts. Oh, and that I want to sleep with.

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  1. so much to tell you at such a late hour.

    first, love this choice so it have chosen this post to leave my almost daily comment!!! glad you used her knightly title as well, always adds effect. i like to refer to myself as Dame The Hotness every now and then. she seems so very full of life to me and i enjoy that.

    second, i just got done playing halo with a couple folks online. we teamed up with another married couple (always fun as there aren’t many halo 3 couples). if i imagine what your blog humor sounds like in real life this girl had to be something like you. she was freakin’ hilarious. very witty, very funny. we were totally bantering and i’m pretty sure her man was rolling his eyes at us just as much as mine was. out of suspious hope i asked where she was from just to make sure it wasn’t really you, but alas it wasn’t. anyhow, just to let you know that your humor and wit definitely stands out in a crowd.

    also, i’ve had a horrible week! horrible. just awful. i rarely have bad days, much less weeks! i work with people. all day, every day, people, people, people. college students to boot so it can be a challenge to deal with the lack of maturity (i’m a college pastor at a university here in texas). it was one of those days where you come home and just want your husband (or whoever) to hold you until you fall asleep. but then, BUT THEN! i came home and checked email, myspace, couple other blogs, saving the best for last of course. your posts today were great! the next chapter of your latest story is great, i like this one. the addition to the list has my utmost approval, i had a good laugh at your random vampires and i was quickly forgetting my crappy day (week).

    thanks for sharing your drollness and fun snippets of your life with us! now that i’ve typed an email rather than a comment i’ll let you continue getting ready for work, or whatever you might be doing when you read this.

  2. I see how it is. When you agree with my choices, my list is valid. When you don’t, my list is a crock. Mm hm. I’m aware of your evil scheme.

    I am very sorry to tell you, but you are never going to catch me playing Halo. Not only do I not like those games at all (my brother has tried desperately to make me), I don’t even like the gaming system. When it comes to video games, I am really a more simplistic Super Nintendo and Wii kind of girl.

    Okay. So, what I think I’m reading is this –

    You caught bad days from this blog. Dammit. I’m like a plague spreading throughout the earth.

    Of course, if my life snippets brought you some form of peace after your horrible week (Sorry you are having such a bad week, by the way), then I am also the healer. Geesh, what kind of crazy bitch does that make me? Oh I know… the best kind!

    And, uh, I am getting ready for work. Creepy.

  3. Wait a second! I just realized that your comment implied that you thought for a moment that I was married. I am NOT straight. I am NOT straight. I’m not even Bi. I’m the gayest kind of gay, which is good, I think, for my girlfriend of ten years. I know you know about the gf. How tired were you when you wrote this?

  4. LOL! i see, i see. not “your husband”. that was more of a generic sentence. the “whoever” was more for you. i would never call you such names as married, straight, or even bi. maybe married, some day soon. my husband and i have been considering moving to the west coast to get away from the narrow mindedness of the south. i wouldn’t want to be lumped in.

    also, it’s not so creepy. when you reply to comments it’s always pretty early in the morning (5:44 am, really?) and when you post new stuff it’s usually up by the time i get a chance to check, so i figured you did most of your blog maintience while getting ready.

  5. k, i’m 90% sure you’ve already seen this ’cause it’s old even to me and you always know everything before me. but just in case:

  6. Dame Helen Mirren can still get me to unsheath my sword, I tell ya.

    She’s one of those Stealth Hotties. Many of her roles these days are downright matronly, so you don’t think much of her until you really take a good look. Then you realize that she really has it going on and that you’ve just missed it because she doesn’t scream it on a loudspeaker like so many others do. I think she actually goes out of her way to cover it up, especially for work.

    Part of her appeal is that she’s got class, or at least is a great enough actress to fake that she has class because she is that good of an actress.

    Which is funny given the nature of some of her earlier work. A lot of it was -er- “unclassier”. A few trollops and Lolitas in the mix. I mean, she was in Age Of Consent and Caligula. CALIGULA for cryin’ out loud!!!

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