40 Hotties Over 40: #23 Sandra Bullock (Age: 43)

I don’t have much to say about Sandra Bullock. Here she is though. She is hot. And she is over forty. Therefore, as far as this list goes, she does belong.


See, I feel as if, throughout her career, Sandra Bullock has had a difficult time deciding if she wants to be in good movies or bad movies. In the end, it seems that she just took whatever movie could meet her steep asking price. As a result, she’s ended up in a lot of big budget crapfests that suck so hard they could be referred to as the Hoover brand of film. As an actress, I do wish she would make choices that aren’t cringe-inducing, but as an over forty hottie, she suffices quite nicely.

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  1. ok, ok, ok. so check this out. the movie Premonition (sp? don’t feel like looking it up) was filmed in my hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana, affectionately referred to as The Port City. you know the scenes, two of them, where she is jogging down an alleyway? no lie, that is the alley behind our house. no lie. i’m not lying.

    my mom called me one day and said, yada, yada, yada “and sandra bullock is running down our back alley.” i was like, whatever. then the movie came out and our house is in it! practically the whole thing was shot in or around our neighborhood. crazy, i know, you’re freaking out right now!

    incidentally, the movie The Guardian was also filmed in shreveport and you know the Superior bar kevin costner hangs out in?? a mile up the road from our house! i know, right!

  2. Now here’s one choice I wouldn’t make. She’s a nice girl and not bad looking, but
    she just doesn’t do anything for me. Maybe it’s because she stars in so many crappy movies, but I would rather see this spot for another deserving Over 40 Hottie.

    And go Pirates! (dated Shreveport reference)

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