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  1. 1) great chapter XD i have yet to be disappointed which i doubt will ever happen! it amazes me to no end how well you connect with the chracters 🙂

    B) semi-related .. has anyone seen the new preview for episode 113?!?! oh my damn i’m excited. go watch it on youtube if you havent and FYI Lindsay’s new b-friend gets in the line of fire :O!!

    iii) Is it wrong that i want him dead? lol

    anyway! love you times infinity cant wait for the next chapter XD <3

  2. I stayed home today because I’m sick, and I think an update from you is just what I need to feel better. In fact, I feel like I’m ready to take part in the Olympic now. Whoo.

    Olympic aside, I love love your Jill and how you handle the dialogue between her and Cindy. More Jill and Mama Claire, I say. 🙂

  3. Finally got around to reading this part. Reasons being life and whatnot. I never wanna rush through your stories. Plus the fact that I haven’t been feeling very “clubish” lately. You know?

    But I gotta say, I am loving this series. It’s too damn good. You’re too damn good. Can’t wait for part trois.

  4. Seyren, I’m sorry that you were sick, but I do hope it helped you feel a little better, you know, emotionally, because I don’t actually think I have the power to heal… though that would be kind of cool.

    Working on the third part, for reals.

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