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  1. Oh my, downtrodden Cindy on Christmas. There better be something good coming up, cos you just provided the best description of thistledown redhead ever. *hugs Cindy*

  2. Oh my god. lol.

    Lindsay has some serious guts pulling that after everything else.

    I got an IOU from my mum lol.

    Cindy’s gift to Linds was so wonderful and thoughtful! *sigh*

    Man, whatever she’s got up her sleeve better be the best thing ever.

    I’m worried sick at this point. lol. But I’m also cautiously optimistic and excited.

  3. Poor Cindy! Lindsey has some balls pulling a stunt like that with a gun in the house. I would never ever EVER upset my girl or guy on Christmas!

  4. This can’t be all, right? On Cindy’s behalf, you’ve got me really scared. That’s a compliment, too. Nevertheless, I’m scared!

  5. I agree with the “kicked puppy” scenario. The rest of the club and Mama Thomas better have something spectacular coming up.

  6. So do we have to wait until the 28th or the 4th?
    Glad you are feeling better, I just hope you don’t have a relapse.

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