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  1. Aw, my sis visited a fic! You taught me so much as a child. I’m glad I can introduce you to the beautiful world that is Lindsay/Cindy slash. And you know what they say…

    Once you go slash, you start getting molested by your best friend at every special occasion.


  2. “Lindsay’s non-kiss was nothing that a pint of Haagen-Dazs Rocky Road couldn’t fix. Well, maybe not fix, but at least ease somewhat.”
    Drawning Lindsay’s non-kiss in ice-cream… Feels so much like something Cindy wold do!! And it’s ice-cream! I love you so much for this!

    “she turned to her living room and determined it wasn’t exactly in a state for greeting company.”
    Heh, this happens way too often to me……
    and I absolutely adore how Cindy’s house is so full of books that they don’t even fit in the library. It’s something I’ve always imagined would happen in her house. After all, she does read about a lot of things, doesn’t she?

    “Cindy opened the door to find Lindsay leaning against the doorframe in a manner that could only be described as “deliberately casual”.”
    Lindsay is so good at these poses… gotta love her for that!

    ““Yeah,” Lindsay said offhandedly, then quickly looked up. “No. No, no, no, no, no.””
    bwaaaaahaaaaahaaaa, gotta love her for this too!!! It’s adorable how Lindsay is usually such a strong woman but when it comes to matters of the heart she’s actually very insecure and vulnerable.

    ““I was down in the car thinking.”

    “This whole time?””
    Totally cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have I told you I find Lindsay terribly adorable when she’s so exposed?!

    OKAY, i really can’t keep on quoting EACH line you wrote. i’ll just tell you what i liked the better!!!

    The thing thing was spectacular, at that point I was jumping up and down my seat, a HUGE grin on my face and emitting little high-pitched squeals. My flat-mates came checking on me various times……

    I liked how Lindsay makes the non-kiss right now! Finally!

    ““Linds,” the name came out a groan. “I never thought I’d have to say this to you, but shut up.””
    Okay, i know i said i wouldn’t quote anymore, but i just HAD to. This had me laughing out loud (again…)! And add more grinning (A LOT more grinning) and some cheers for them finally being together!

    The last scene was very very very sweet. loved it, so much!!!

    Now, let’s talk about that 18/20… really??????
    no, seriously, really?????????????????? *looks over all teary-eyed and pouts*

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