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  1. aw, this is the cutest story ever. i love that lindsay is being more vulnerable. i mean, except for that whole abandoning the kiss thing.

  2. “In a very un-Cindy-like way, she’d been extraordinarily quiet all day long. Lindsay wondered how much of it had to do with their imminent return to reality, because that had definitely been the principal factor in her own lack of verbal communication.”
    I felt this way many times, after an experience that has been so good for you than even the mere thougth of it ending makes your throat close and heart ache and your eyes sting. so you just don’t say anything because saying something would be too much and it would HURT so much… and you keep quiet.

    “She automatically moved forward, but, mid-progression, she was seized by a moment of panic. Diverging from the intended course, she kissed Cindy lightly on the cheek.”
    AAAAARGH. Dammit. One stubborn, vulnerable, scared inspector…

    Off to next chappy now..

    Good job, as usual!

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