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  1. thank you for the new installment!!! love it! let the countdown to lindsay and cindy hooking begin.. (hint hint) hopefully before Christmas??! please!

  2. Now I really kind of feel like a heel for wanting the whole L/C thing to just up and get going. Poop. Go mama Claire. In this case, truth really does hurt. A lot.

  3. Was almost late getting to work. Then I found this so I was definitely late getting to work, but it was worth it.

    Great way to start the week , thanks!

  4. I’m sorry Jill, but that’s the thunder of things righting themselves. And it’s going to be a tsunami which was unavoidable from episode one, and don’t tell me you never noticed.

    This might just be my favorite fanfic in this fandom.

  5. i feel bad for Jill, because love someone that is not entirely in love with you back must be shitty.. but i do love Lindsay and i think she could make Cindy happier.. both would to each other..

    i love that fic..

  6. “I am not giving Cindy up,” Jill started quietly, but with conviction. “I’m not letting her go just because Lindsay has decided that she is a better option for Cindy than someone like me, or that she deserves her more…”

    “She’s in love with her,” Claire whispered.

    All of Jill’s streaming thoughts were cut off instantly. “What?” she breathed.

    I can almost SEE this being acted out in my mind. I can SEE Jill ranting and Claire whispering that statement and her ceasing in mid-rant.

    Perfect. I am happy we are moving back the way things should be, though I do feel for Jill. She shoulda known better tho!

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