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  1. A NEW STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who-hoooooo, I’m so excited!!

    “Rio. I like to pick up all my black eyes in South America. It’s one of the few places left with a favorable exchange rate.” I laughed so hard I’m sure I woke up all my flat-mates!

    “How in the hell did you get into a bar fight?”
    This is great! I sure have told you SEVERAL times how much I adore over-protective Lindsay!!

    ehe, disarmed!! she’s already head over heels for Cindy but she doesn’t know it!

    I like this, please keep it up!!!!

  2. Awesome! New story! I loved the line about Rio. Anyways will this be a long story or a short one?

  3. *whoop*

    Today has been a particularly shitty day, and reading a new story from you has definitely brighten it up.

    Thank you, Riley, I needed that.

  4. What a perfect thing to find after coming home from work. Lifted my spirit just enough to ensure I go to bed with a smile on my face, instead of a scowl when I think about what time my alarm is going to off. I particularly like that Lindsay has managed to categorise all of Cindy’s arguing strategies (thus far – I imagine others will make themselves known in more intimate settings).


  5. wait so does this mean ur done with imortia… so spelt that wrong (bad day) i love the new one so far keep it comeing!

  6. im very very happy to see this.. and im happier in see you updated inamorata..
    thanks a lot 🙂

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