40 Hotties Over 40: #33 Julie Strain (Age: 46)

Amnesia. Ninja Turtles. Trashy lingerie. (No really, that’s the name of the company.) Is there anything about Julie Strain that isn’t downright intriguing?


Not to mention she’s the only porn star to make my list.

From appearing as the judge on the Playboy series Sex Court to being the model for the comic book series Vampirella, this girl earns cash for her assets 24 hours a day. She’s also known as Queen of the B-Movies, and could rival anyone in Hollywood for number of tripe films on her resume.

It’s not all about being in front of the camera though. Judge Julie is also an accomplished photographer, who teaches courses at UCLA and is considered THE choice photographer by other porn stars.

And while this is all very interesting, even if she were totally dull, it wouldn’t change the fact that she is 46 and still fuckin’ hot.

Oh… and her tagline?

Six foot one and worth the climb.


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One Comment

  1. Yeah, the Sex Court gal. I ordered this channel once. What a stupid waste of time and money. Paying for softcore filled (watered down with aimless jabbering and phony premises!) is like paying a doctor for a colon check.

    That said, she’s pretty damn sexy, even with (if memory serves) fake boobs.

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