40 Hotties Over 40: #35 Nigella Lawson (Age: 48)

I love a woman who eats. I do. It’s sexy as hell. That may partially explain my great love for this woman.


Well, that and the fact that she turns cooking into one of the most sexually suggestive activities ever.

Nigella Lawson seriously loves to get her hands dirty, and she wears a completely naughty, unabashed look of pleasure while she does it. If there is any type of dough that cannot be likened to “warm flesh,” it has yet to appear in Nigella’s kitchen. And she says it with a British accent! Hooray!

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One Comment

  1. I agree completely. Actually, she should be rated higher.

    I would love to “Get Cooking” with Nigella Lawson. The quiet nature of the show allows you to be fully absorbed by her sexuality. Smart move.

    Not only is she beautiful, she just oozes sexuality AND is sophisticated at the same time. Her voice and accent really get me going too.

    It also helps she could feed me, no doubt, really yummy food as well, thus satisfying two of my basic urges at the same time!

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