40 Hotties Over 40: #21 Vanessa Williams (Age: 45)

Even more than her regal hotness factor…


…the thing that I love about Vanessa Williams is that she is FIERCE.

Okay, so it’s true that she is often typecast in just this type of role, but I can’t help it, I still love it. Every time I see her in anything, I’m all like “She’s going to be so vicious. And it’s going to be so damn hot.”

I had a dream about her randomly one night where I saw her at some kind of outdoor festival, and while I didn’t want to be all creepy fan, I thought ‘It’s Vanessa Williams and she’s fierce. I really should get her autograph.’ So, I went up and asked and she made me hold her ice. This isn’t code. She was actually carrying around two handfuls of ice cubes and made me hold them for her while she signed a napkin for me. I guess my subconscious thinks she is that hot. Anyway, she was really nice about it other than that. Not that making me hold her ice was particularly nasty. In fact, maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me that Vanessa Williams thinks I’m that hot.

That would be weird, wouldn’t it?

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