40 Hotties Over 40: #38 Mary-Louise Parker (Age: 43)

She was hot when Mary Stuart Masterson wanted to jump her bones in Fried Green Tomatoes. She’s only gotten hotter.


Mary-Louise Parker is one of those fabulous women who didn’t reach the full potential of her sex appeal until well into her thirties, which is quite alright. We know how to appreciate a babelicious woman over forty! And appreciate her we shall.

On a completely uncouth side note, right after Mary-Louise had her baby a few years ago, she had the finest pair of non-surgically enhanced breasts that have ever appeared on a human being. They are the breasts I plan to purchase one day. I hear scientists are still studying the phenomenon.

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  1. heck yes! this one i completely agree with! she should be farther up on the list. i’m very interested to see who made it near the top is she is 38.

    side note: riley, you’re so much fun!

  2. Now, young lady, I can’t be giving away the whole list before its time, but yes, your darling Mariska will make it.

    And thank you, thank you. I like to think I’m so much fun. However, if this is in regards to the whole breasts thing, I didn’t have to invent that one. Biology did it for me. I just got to sit back and enjoy the show.

  3. She’s definitely a woman that has gotten better with age. But she’s a gal who’s look exudes a personality. You either like it or you don’t. Age won’t change your opinion.

    She has that sarcastically flirty thing going on. I always get the impression she would insult me, kiss me, slap me and then laugh about it as she rounds second base.

    I like it and what does that say about me?

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