40 Hotties Over 40: #7 Megan Mullally (Age: 49)

She nearly made Will & Grace bearable for me. As it was, she at least made it prettier to look at.


Intelligent AND funny… and she sings. Honestly, what’s not to love? And does anyone do both adorable and stunning so remarkably well?

As for whether or not she has improved with age, I’ll let you decide that for yourself after experiencing this clip from China Beach circa ’89.

Her voice was in top form at any rate.

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One Comment


    Not criticizing her selection to the list, but you can’t be using clips of her from 1989 as evidence of what a hot Over 40 she is today. I’m not sure she was even 30 when this was filmed.

    That’s just not cricket. You could use China Beach clips as evidence in favour of two other Over 40 Hotties, one of which is also in that clip and looking smoking hot, but that wouldn’t be fair either.

    Man, am I a pain in the ass or what?

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