40 Hotties Over 40: #4 Kyra Sedgwick (Age: 42)

Kyra Sedgwick has gotten hotter and hotter and hotter. In her youth, I really didn’t find her all that. (Though, I admit, when she kneed Dennis Quaid in the nads in Something to Talk About, it did give me a little tickle in my heart.) Now, I find her all that and then some.

kyra_narrowweb__300x4520.jpg kyra_sedgwick.jpg

And clearly, I’m not the only one who has noticed –


What exactly is she looking at? Some would say the dress. I, unsurprisingly, disagree.

I admit. I cannot say with any degree of certainty whether it is Kyra or Deputy Chief Brenda Lee Johnson for whom I harbor more affection, but Kyra’s incredible portrayal has to have something to do with it. When you are this damn sexy, you really don’t need much else going for you. The fact that she can also act like this just seems unfair to everyone else in the world.

Let’s spread some of that around. Seriously.

And I like her husband. That’s one very talented duo.

I like him most like this –


And this is officially the picture I wish I had taken –


Watching Kyra grow into a supreme hottie and become one of the most phenomenal actresses working today has been a small pleasure in my life. There is literally only one thing I would do differently in regards to Kyra if I were, you know, a god, and she were, you know, my pawn.

I would have made What’s Cooking? film about six years after it did, when it would have looked a little something like this…


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  1. did you see tonight’s epi? so good… i shed a tear and i’m not ashamed to admit. i’m a huge fan, great choice!

  2. Thaaannk-Keeewww!!!
    I was madly in love with Kyra Sedgwick when I was 7. Heart and Souls was favourite movie, and she was my favourite ghost.
    I love the Deputy Chief too, but I don’t understand why they make her share the Golden Girls’ wardrobe, surely there’s enough money in the budget too buy her some tight pants and sensible shoes. I swear when I was watching the show the other day, she stepped over a dead guy’s face in her summer dress and he peeked! That would never happen to Boxer!

  3. Tara, you’ve agreed with more than one of my recent choices. Is the world ending?

    Jessie, while I concur that the dresses could go, sensible shoes aren’t exactly Boxer’s forte either. At the end of ep 11, when Lindsay and Tom are coming through the sliding glass door (you know, just before the ‘pancake’ scene), Lindsay’s foot gets caught as she steps up through the door. I noticed it right away and now it drives me crazy. It gets caught because she is wearing ridiculous heels… to a hostage situation! Come on now!

  4. I know just how you feel. I gave myself a headache with all the eye-rolling. Strangely, in the unaired pilot, Boxer shows up at a police raid type thing wearing sneakers. Go figure.

  5. “when you wake up in the morning at a quarter to 8 and you can’t go back to sleep bacause you’ve been online for 6 hours straight…
    you brush your teeth scha scha, scha scha,scha scha scha scha scha
    you brush your teeth scha scha, scha scha,scha scha scha scha scha.”
    hahaha i have that song stuck in my head, funny because it’s 10.00pm here

  6. I don’t get TNT, so I’ve only seen The Closer once and I wasn’t even sober. “The Woodsman”, (a great film that handled a difficult subject in a very grown up way) is where I’ve seen the most of Kyra, quite literally.

    I wouldn’t put her anywhere near my Top 10 and maybe not even in my personal list, but she is quite appealing and I don’t know why. Outside of respect for the potential kharmic wrath of an angry Kevin Bacon, I sure wouldn’t say “No” to her.

    She’s one another one of those gals who is attractive well beyond where her looks would otherwise place her. And I too think her looks have gotten better with age.

    I like how serious she is about her work and, boy, do her and her hubbie make a great pair. Almost suspiciously great. Like in a brother and sister separated at birth and unknowingly hooking up as adults kind of way. The of photo of the two of them is really nice.

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