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  1. Oh Riley, I’m so sorry you guys were sick! It sounds awful! I hope you both are feeling better now??

  2. Oh, kids totally carry the plague. That whole rat thing was a just a conspiracy, so the human race wouldn’t die out.

  3. How about if I blame the kid who brought the nasty bug to Bible School? For the sake of this conversation, I’ll just call him Damien.

    Hope you all feel better. And curses on you, Damien, for delaying our L/C fix!

  4. Oh Pammykins… just be glad you weren’t around to experience it. Seriously. We are very weak and not quite up to eating normal people food, but we do feel better.

    Heh. Grateful for your agreement that kids are the carriers of the plague, Starry. And we are so right about this!

    Great thinking, Nikky. Let’s blame the other kid. I’d rather not blame the one that shares DNA with me. And Damien… definitely a fitting name. Cracked me up!

  5. I hope you both are feeling a lot stronger soon, how awful. We had a similar thing going around in February, it was horrible. Damn Damien!

  6. Vacation… Is it the time of ‘sumer vacation’? Oh my, this is just too much. I am so cold! We had our coldest day in 100 years where i live(Melbourne) two days ago and i still can’t feel my toes!

  7. It’s even contagious through the internet, granted in a warped and diluted form, but I’ve been sick all day.

    Hope you feel better.

  8. Hope you getting to feeling beter. I was going to say I wish you were still working at UCT but in your condition I kind of am glad your not. Please don’t send Damien around plz? all kidding aside…miss you around the cubes

  9. OMG!!! What an absolutely adorable child….it definitely wasn’t this child’s fault the entire house became infected
    with the plague. I too, blame Damien.

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