40 Hotties Over 40: #12 Paula Marshall (Age: 44)

She is not a show-killer. She is not a show-killer. She is not a show-killer.

Okay, maybe she is, but it’s always fun to watch her while it lasts, because she’s awesome, and… uh… hot.


It would be wonderful if she could have a TV show that lasts beyond the first commercial break. Seriously. It would.

It would also be wonderful if CBS hadn’t ripped the outstanding sitcom Out of Practice that she was on off the air to replace it with The New Adventures of Old Christine. This stupid ass decision freed up the lovely person above to participate in two of the most disgusting scenes ever aired on television, one on Californication and one on Nip/Tuck. Normally I understand the dilemma of the acting lifestyle. There are a lot of roles that you take just to eat, but when someone gets handed a script that involves diarrhea in a hot tub, I’m going to have to vote for starvation.

She’s still hot though.

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  1. While it was gross, I liked it when Hank barfed on that artwork. It took art criticism to an entirely new level. I know there’s a lot of stuff out there that I want to barf on. For example, most of what’s on TV makes me want to barf.

    Paula Marshall does not make me barf. Outside all Californication, I’ve seen little of her. All I know is she’s a darn good looking gal who just does not look 44. That’s the main reason I wouldn’t have included her on my list.

    Yet another under-noticed Over 40 Hottie. I knew there were loads of them, but it seems there’s even more than I knew of.

    This is a public service you’re preforming, Riley.

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