40 Hotties Over 40: #32 Cindy Crawford (Age: 42)

Listen up, one of the first supermodels to ever walk the earth…


…you owe my girlfriend a card, because without her you wouldn’t have made the list. You see, when I was still struggling to get to forty hot biotches, you were mentioned… not by me. I kind of railed against you, I’m not going to lie. It’s not that I don’t think you’re hot. You are, and you are the best kind of hot, because, while I never found you particularly attractive during your younger, more popular days, in the past couple of years, you have been a blip on the radar (a small blip, but a blip none-the-less). But I take issue with hot people whose main purpose on earth is being hot. That’s right, I’m prejudiced against models. It’s not one of my finer traits, but it’s the truth. Plus, you use Botox. I consider that cheating!

Anyway, if you are wondering why someone who didn’t even make the list without some prodding is coming in at #32, that’s just me. I promise this list will be enjoyable. I never said it would make sense.

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  1. shawna, really? first the biel/alba thing, now this?

    i’m beginning to think this list was a bad idea. i will never make observations about your postings again. i would never want to inspire another incident like this list.

    also, because i had extra time on my hands tonight as we only had access to eight xbox 360 controllers we had to rotate i crunched some numbers: based on your first ten postings of 40 Hotties Over 40 you have averaged 3.125 days between postings. that means it will take you 96.875 days to finish the list. maybe this endeavor was too much for you.

  2. Wow. So what I’m hearing is this…

    You went out of your way just to determine how much time it has taken me to make my list decisions JUST to be able to taunt me.

    That’s cold.

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