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  1. huh i have the same thing! i have missed my alarm for 4 days now. i havent selpt well in over 6 months, and my buddy who when i’m over at her house i sleep perfectly even if i just pass out on the floor for an hour or two, is gone for two weeks. sigh so back to sleepless in Howell. ha ok it sounded better in my head…p.s. my brother wants me to tell you he loves the spam protection- i told him he would never be able to pass. 😀 now i will have a bruise on my arm but it was worth it.

  2. I agree with this theory. For a matter of fact, I have exactly the same problem: when there’s something I want to do, I have NO problem getting up in the morning, even if it is very early. Instead if I have to go to class, for example, I can sleep up to one whole hour without even aknowledging that the alarm is ringing. (Or maybe my subconcious knows that, but I skilfully get rid of that knowledge!) Of course my roomies hate me for that! 😀
    If you find a solution for this, would you let me know?
    hugsssssss, Luce

  3. March 16, 2001 – yes indeed, that was the date.

    See, everyone agrees. It is proven!

    Jessie – why no sleep? maybe you should move in with your buddy if you sleep well over there 🙂 Heh, glad to provide an opportunity for you to tease your brother, and, while I can’t condone sibling on sibling violence, I do hope you hit him back!

    Luce – why would we want to come up with a solution? I think it’s a really good indicator of what’s actually important in life 😉 Hugs back!

  4. yep i hit him back! only i hit him in the back of the neck and called him red neck(long story), 😀 yeah i talked to my dad the other night about moving in with them…lets just say he was seeing red… i have a way better relationship with her family than my own and when he heard me calling her father dad i think it sent him over the edge. he’ll get over it and moms the push over so she’ll tell him to say yes just untill school starts again. p.s enjoy your 4th of july. i’m outta contact till monday… i think…

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