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  1. ok, why does my a.k.a. have to be “the part-timer”? i mean, really? i make one little comment and all the sudden i’m somehow an uncommitted person.

    i think it should be something like “the hotness” or just “hotness” works. “tara the temptress”? maybe not. and i’m glad to know that it wasn’t you that fainted. i was worried about you.

    p.s. if i had a cool mil lying around, i would totally buy one of your screenplays.

  2. I never said you were uncommitted. You could be very committed…on a part-time basis. Or maybe, just maybe, you are actually a full-timer. What do I know?

    So, which one do you want to be? “Hotness”, “Tara, the hotness” or “Tara, the temptress”? You have exactly twenty-four hours to decide. Otherwise, I come up with a new nickname for you on my own, and, I promise you, you will miss “part-timer”.

    P.S. While I am not one for much prayer –

    ‘Sup Gods – Please, please, please, I implore you, bless my new friend, Tara, “nickname TBD”, with a million dollars in authentic, unmarked bills, which she can then use to pay me for a screenplay that would make an excellent film with absolutely no chance of getting a return on investment at the box office.


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