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  1. thank you thank you thank you, you have just made a decent day into a great one by posting this!!! 😀
    I really love this story now, you know? It’s fun to read and both Lindsay and Cindy are deeply in character! plus, I love the dialogue between them.

    I like how Lindsay bossed Cindy around but in the end Cindy had it (almost) her own way!! Like if she didn’t want to stay glued to Lindz the whole time… 😛

    Oh, the cream scene? totally hot. I’m still lingering there with my mind….
    off to imagine it again and again!

  2. so very cute! I love this series, it’s so utterly light hearted but so serious all at the same time.
    (I know, I’ll let you know if I plan to make sense in the near future)

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