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  1. Aww, I’m flattered. *bats eyelashes*

    I probably shouldn’t tell you that I actually meant to get three posted, because, instead of seeming way awesome, I now seem totally incompetent.

    Oh well. Now you know.

  2. woooohoooo! two chapters in a row! that’s great (even though you planned to get 3 posted. please don’t let us wait too long)

    Lindsay in charge is hot!

    But I don’t really get one thing: is Cindy totally covered in blisters?? or only in some parts of her body? because it didn’t seem to hurt her when Lindz put the robe on her, but i had a paiful and terrifying image in my head where cindy’s covered in blisters and in that case i would guess that a robe would hurt her shoulders when it brushed against them… hum..

    anyhow. poor cindy, i hate burns and blisters. but this gives Lindsay permission to take care of her!! *grins happily*

  3. so i was watching msnbc (though i usually watch cnn, but i was the gym and couldn’t find the remote *shurgs*) and they were talking about a woman who fainted at a Hillary rally in Ohio.

    i know you live some place cold and have been going to Hillary rallys and i thought to myself, “oh my, that’s riley. she got herself too excited.”

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