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  1. *chokes* *dies* Oh Lindsay better finish what she’s doing and hide somewhere because Cindy is going to find out the newest gossip, and she is going to be PISSED!

    Actually, *pauses for a moment to picture it* I have no problem with that. Fireworks are always pretty when you aren’t in the middle of the explosion.

  2. It finally seems like Lindsay has been bitten by the “move your ass and grab your fucking girl already” bug. Thank god for that. Because I totally had a few connections ready to take a hit out on Denise Kwon for even daring to think about moving in on Lindsay’s territory.

    Seriously speaking, though, on my side of the world it’s so late in the day that you could technically call it early. And reading this chapter has totally boxed away the utter crap all previous sixteen hours have been. I haven’t felt this light hearted and entertained in what seems like days so props go to you for lightening my mood. You are a wonder Riley. In fact, I need to make contact with a few of my other connections and see about making you a wonder of the world or something. This stunning chapter, Lindsay’s expert portrayal of a possessive, ultra-jealous girl in heat and your writing in general pretty much make the honour deserved. Keep your ear out of the announcement.

    Until then, I’m going anticipate the next update and your next WMC VS episode like a fat kid anticipates ho’ing into a sinful mass of coronary-inducing cake.

    Favourite part: “Plagued by unwelcome and repetitive snapshots of her own personal redhead being ravaged, unwillingly (Lindsay refused to believe anything else), by the city’s most outspoken bisexual Asian succubus, she was really in no mood to talk to anyone else.” That’s some sentence creation right there. 🙂

  3. Aww, poor, poor delusional Cho.

    And, run Lindsay, run!

    Weird. I can’t remember if she had a conversation with Martha already. I guess that means I have to go back and read the whole thing from the beginning. Well, if I must, I must! 😉

  4. Another wonderful conversation, yay!. And Nikky, you listening? The one with Martha… I now blame Riley because I kept hearing AH’s in my head talking about orgasms. For real.

  5. OMG! How could I forget the one with Martha! Of course! Her reaction to Muffin Man versus her reaction to Cindy.

    I am truly ashamed. I wouldn’t blame you if you revoked my fanclub membership (but please don’t).

    I promise from now on I will pay more attention in class. I will pay more attention in class. I will pay more attention in class. I will pay more attention in class. I will pay more attention in class.

  6. *happy dance*
    “…her own personal redhead…” Indeed. Go get ‘er Linds! Methinks you have some ‘splaining to do…
    Now where can I find my own personal redhead…

  7. Nikky, I think Riley will agree, you’ve got lifelong fanclub membership. And that was meant to be ‘AH’s voice’ in the comment above. Obviously, the memory kind of distracted me.

  8. Mmm, redheaded fireworks. That makes me feel dreamy.

    Angie – I hate that you were having a bad day, but I’m glad that I could help! I don’t think that I would be very comfortable being a wonder of the world. That would be an awful lot of eyes on me. I do appreciate you pointing out that particular sentence though. It’s my favorite as well. I was pretty proud of it.

    Glad for happy dances.

    Barb is right Nikky. I will forgive you a moment’s forgetfulness, not only because I am an incredibly forgetful person, but also because it is taking me an incredibly long time between updates. I apologize for that.

    And no one loses fan club membership, nor will there ever be a fee. If you keep coming back, I will keep jumping through the hoops 🙂 I’m a show pony like that 😉

    Heh… AH talking about orgasms. Awesome!

  9. “Why? Did she say something about me?”

    I’m still debating with myself, is it optimism or stupidity Cho was showing in the chapter above when he dared to ask that question to Lindsay. I’m leaning heavily toward the latter.

    And here’s to hoping Lind’s little lie (threat?) won’t come back to bite her aesthetically pleasing backside.

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