Inamorata (28/36) – WMC fic

PAIRING: Lindsay/Cindy
DISCLAIMER: Characters, not mine. Story, mine.

Aside from the first morning waking up, there had been no signs of nightmares, so when Lindsay was pulled from sleep by an absolutely gut-wrenching scream, she half expected to awaken to a corporeal threat. Disoriented, having fallen asleep not long enough before the startling rousing for it to have any beneficial effect, it took her a lengthy interval to determine the only danger was in Cindy’s mind and the only physical manifestation was her resultant thrashing.

“Cindy,” Lindsay whispered, scooting to her and trying to restrict the flailing arms.

Cindy fought hard against Lindsay’s attempts to interrupt her violent slumber, demonstrating more strength than Lindsay would have given her credit for, and Lindsay’s body, still enervated from sleep, lacked its usual muscle to subdue. Before she could get Cindy within her grip, they somehow made it into a sitting position.

Cindy’s injured arm, which Lindsay was scared to hold as tightly as the rest of her for fear of doing more harm than good, broke free, colliding hard enough with Lindsay’s face that she tasted blood and instantly felt the warmth start to trickle from her nose. Pained by far more than the impact, she recaptured the loose arm and held it more securely, and Cindy’s cries amplified at the complete confinement.

“Cindy, Baby. It’s me. Baby, it’s me. Baby. Baby. Baby.”

Panic finally raised Lindsay’s voice to a volume that couldn’t be ignored, and the body ensnared in her embrace immediately stilled, before going disturbingly rigid.

“It’s me, Baby,” she spoke softly into Cindy’s ear. “It’s me. It’s Lindsay.”

At the mention of her name, Cindy’s rigidity faded into a forceful tremble.

Suddenly wearier than when she’d first woken, Lindsay let her head fall to rest against Cindy’s, trying to calm her own pounding heart.

The sound of Cindy’s sob filled the space between them and Lindsay pulled Cindy down against her chest, letting go with one hand just long enough to wipe at the blood running over her lips and down her chin, then locked both arms around Cindy, rocking the broken girl back and forth gently.

It was some time later when she realized that Cindy had fallen back asleep. With utmost care, Lindsay laid her back onto her pillow, examining the tear tracks running in all directions, splitting her face into sectors.

The serenity was shattered in as many pieces.

Making a determined effort not to wake her again, Lindsay scooted away and slid off the bed. She went into the bathroom, barely able to distinguish the blood amidst the haunting fear reflected back at her. Not sure where to look for a washcloth, she wet the hand towel, using it to wipe the blood from beneath her nose, from her chin, and from where it was smeared over her hand.

Specks dotted her t-shirt. There were likely more on the bed and on Cindy. It was fitting. She felt as if she’d just been through a battle. It would be completely inappropriate for it to leave no mark.

She walked back into the room where Cindy was asleep. The streetlamps and moonlight still shined in upon her stationary form. Lindsay looked down from the loft, out the windows, toward the water that the night had blended seamlessly into the earth and the sky. It felt like a tease now, the beauty, like the universe was toying with them.

She didn’t return to the bed. For the longest time she just stood over Cindy, watching her sleep, watching her breathe, watching her be alive. When she was too tired to stand, she sunk to the floor with her back against the bed, where she would be immediately alerted to any signs of distress from above her.

As much as she would have liked to believe it was still a question, Lindsay knew that this was the moment. The proverbial shoe had fallen.

Of course it had.

When you got pushed down on the playground, you might brush it off and charge your aggressor-

When you got knocked down by life, you might rebound with gusto-

But when Atlas shrugged, you didn’t just get back up.

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  1. That was so heart-wrenching. And I needed it after the lack of Lindsay/Cindy in tonight’s episode.

  2. you’re so much more in tune than the actual writers of the show. what’s the deal? why don’t they know about your genius?

  3. hey there, it’s been awhile but I thought I write you before I start reading what I’s a polite gesture right? (ohh also I do blame the lack of a portable computer and a very busy life for my…uh absence)Soo yep anyway real quick before I get to reading umm I was wondering if you had a chance to read any of books that spawned the series?

  4. Please keep writing – especially since the TPTB seem to think Lindsay needs a male interest. There was so much opportunity for them to expand on the Lindsay/Cindy aspect of the show and … flop. And (rant) why is it that my fave redhead is seriously in harm’s way in two straight eps (no pun intended).

  5. Oops. I accidentally skipped a chapter, so this didn’t make much sense until I went back and read it in order.

    I really hope Cindy doesn’t feel too bad about having nearly broken Lindsay’s nose when she wakes up. The sad reality that it could exacerbate her (undesevered) feelings of guilt is one I suppose we have to brace ourselves for though.

    Excellent work as always.

  6. Riley, you may not be the first to use the “Cindy being held hostage” situation as part of the storyline, but I do believe you’re the first to not take the easy way out and actually make them deal with the aftermath.

    And I freaking love that.

    I love the more realistic atmosphere you present, how a happy ending is not achieved that easily and how they must deal with their demons first before they can have their happily ever after.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to start a fire so I can save you from it.

  7. awwwwww poor cindy… i new something was coming…
    when u write it feels like i’m there with them… my nose even hurt..

  8. This was beautifully written. It was shorter than the last few chapters, but I really like it!

    You really are the first person who deals with the aftermath of a nightmare like the one that Cindy’s been through. And you describe her and Lindsay’s feelings so well… they are so real for me, I almost feel like I could jump up and grab the phone and call them to ask how Cindy’s doing…

    Thank you for writing these WONDERFUL stories in a time when the new episodes are doing all but inspire new Lindsay/Cindy goodness…

    I love this story!!!!!!!! (I just felt like telling you again, just in case you’ve forgotten:))

  9. You can tell me that you love this story as many times as you want to 🙂 I honestly appreciate it every time. And you’re welcome.

    I know this chapter was a little short. When I originally started writing this part, it was going to be combined with the next part, but I really liked the way it read on its own. It’s actually my favorite part of this story so far.

    And I would guess that everyone skips the aftermath because it hurts. If you take on the emotions that you are writing about (like I do), it can be a painful process, but I believe the last line of this chapter wholeheartedly. When something like this happens, aftermath is all that there is.

  10. I absolutely wasn’t complaining about short. I like short, when it’s this good!!

    I too believe that skipping the aftermath is easier and going through it, like you do, is way more difficult and painful, it requires a level of knowledge of the characters and a connection with them that not many have. but the fact that you are writing it makes you one of the best, and it’s the reason (i think) that we all love this story so much! At least it’s the reason I do!

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