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  1. So this time D & I didn’t read together, because I found this my Monday morning and what’s better for overcoming the Monday morning blues… wow, but this packed a nice emotional punch. I love, love this character so much (what else is new, lol!) – so things are getting right now, aren’t they? Because Lindsay and Cindy belong together.

    *Happy sigh*

  2. Can I just quote this entire chapter as pure awesome? Seriously, I picked one line to copy, then went “ooh, and that one too. Oh, and that one. And this paragraph. And…”

    Also, I would kill to see this scene on screen.

  3. As much as I want to see Linds and Cindy together, this is really kind of painful. If Jill weren’t invested it would be different, but now everyone is going to be hurt (with the possible exception of Claire who will just be torn). *sniffle*

  4. Was that *sniff* for the story or the Atlantic? Sorry you two aren’t together right now. It won’t be for long, but I’m sure it will feel like an eternity.

    Glad I got you through a Monday morning. I know those can be killer. And I’m glad you felt punched. I knew this chapter was short, but I wanted it to have a nice wallop. And Claire has been such a pleasure to write in this fic. It’s rather nice to have an outside observer. And of course Lindsay and Cindy belong together. Always and forever.

    “Can I just quote this entire chapter as pure awesome?” —> Yes, I will definitely accept this. Thank you.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing it on screen myself. Even without the screen, I do hope you could “see” it.

    “this is really kind of painful” —> I know that Lindsay and Cindy belong together, and I hurt for Jill every time I’m in her point of view.

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