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  1. Every now and then I wish I could quit them. Among other things, your fanfic is always a reminder why I can’t.

    Loved it as always and wish this story had 24 more chapters. 🙂

  2. That was good. I used to be better at ‘thoughtful commenting’ all I can say is that I still wish there was an alternate universe where Hilary was entering her second term and you were WMC’s head writer and preparing to work the series finale of the Emmy-winning show. (By the way, in that universe I’m still happily married to B and even though you are a big star, you came to our wedding 😉 )

    In the real world I massively failed at sending Christmas wishes this year. I hope you guys had a good one and I hope that 2013 brings you everything you wish for! 😀 And we will see you both then!

  3. New fan of WMC here (just watched them last week for the first time), and just had to say, I really enjoyed the angsty fics you’ve written. I’m not much for reading about kissing or sex (I can’t relate to that well, no matter what gender), but I absolutely adore the love. Inamorata and Between the Shadow and the Soul are the best ones, I think. I also loved some of the early bits of House Arrest a ton. Hope you’ll write more WMC! I have become SUCH a Lindsay/Cindy fan . . . lol.

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