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  1. Very cute! I could so see the unidentified male uni trying to convince Cindy a threesome would be a good idea… then the hilarity that is Cindy would ensue. 🙂

    I also like the very blunt “Would you be my girlfriend?” line. Ever the tactful Boxer.

  2. I really liked this story, it made me laugh out loud at some points!

    “You already called Cindy,” Jill said.
    “I already called Cindy,” Lindsay confirmed.
    “You already called Cindy,” Jill repeated. Unnecessarily, in Lindsay’s opinion.
    “And Cindy’s already here you guys. Hello,” Cindy cut in, waving her hand around in an effort to be noticed.

    “Whahuh?” Cindy eventually, sort of, voiced her retort.

    these were two of my favourite parts, Cindy is just so lovable!!!

    tanks for sharing your stories!

  3. Hey I was wondering if you would ever consider reposting house arrest and temporary girlfriend? I absolutely loved them when I first read them and often find myself thinking of them. Would love to read again 🙂

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