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  1. This story was awesome! Kinda sad to see it end! 🙁
    I’m not even sure how I found your stories…but I am totally thrilled that I did. Keep up your excellent work! Look forward to reading more from you.

  2. ok, so apparently, i leave too many comments on your page. this is how i know that: when i heard the midwest was getting bad weather yesterday, i picked up my phone to text you and make sure you were alright!

    it wasn’t until i was actually searching my contacts for “riley” that i realized what i was doing.

  3. Thank you for a great story, I loved the light feel throughout. Like Suz, I am sorry to see it end as I look forward to the new parts. Does the fact that they didn’t catch the bad guy mean a follow-up could happen?

  4. A follow-up isn’t entirely out of the question 🙂

    OMG Tara, that is about the most hysterical thing I have ever read. Now, wanna know a deep, dark secret? I don’t have a plan that includes texting, so it’s good that you couldn’t text me, because then I would have to give you the lecture I’ve given other people. “It costs me $.20 every time you text me! If you need me, just call.” It’s so nice that you worried about me though 🙂

  5. I’m so incredibly sad to see that this story has come to an end. 🙁 Thanks for the great story, Riley, it’s been a fun ride.

    I look forward to more lighthearted stories from you! 🙂

  6. Thanks for the fix. You = Best. Enabler. Ever.

    ITA with everyone’s comments. This story deserves a sequel.

    It was just the right amount of fun, romance, action. Just lovely. The kind of thing that makes a person’s small heart grow and grow until the measuring device breaks.

  7. Oh wow, this chapter was fun!!! it’s one of my favourite light-hearted ones already!!

    “No, no, no,” Lindsay was adamant in her opposition. “Unless you are expecting a delivery of freshly brewed coffee, strawberries and chocolate syrup, there is nothing on earth worth getting out of this bed for.”
    Hum, that would be a very hard choice to make, between coffee strawberries and chocolate or more Cindy in bed!

    ““You didn’t give it to me?” she asked, a little frown coming to her lips.”
    Hehehe, challenging Cindy and jealous Lindsay make a very hot and fun story! just gotta love them.

    ““So, what are you guys doing here?” Cindy changed the subject, rather than digging the hole of bad lies even deeper.” True to her worse liar ever status. Her lies didn’t sound convincing even to me, and I actually never heard them!

    ““What was that?” Jill asked in that damn humored tone of hers.” Ahahah, jill’s such a fun character! I can see her having a whole lot of fun over that!

    “Cindy nodded. It did seem a perfectly reasonable excuse.”
    Yeah, sure, if it weren’t Lindsay’s. Lindsay. The woman who always has her cell phone with her. Whose cell phone is always one. The always-reachable inspector. The one whose partner finds out she has a hot date because she won’t answer her phone. Which NEVER happens. Lindsay, ya know?
    Now, Cindy Cindy Cindy… Does it seem a perfectly reasonable excuse???? even a child wouldn’t buy that!

    “Oh,” Jill paused suddenly on their way out, turning back with a snap of her fingers as if she’d just remembered something. “You should tell Linds that she’s got a couple of parking tickets. I know she won’t have to pay them, but she might want to move her car before it gets towed. See you at the diner.”
    Bwaahaahaah!! She’s the greatest!

    Okay, now let’s talk about a sequel….. PLEASEEEEE. you can’t leave us like this!!!!!
    You wouldn’t like to be compared to the producers of the show who almost killed it going against all of its fans’ wishes, would you??? I still want moreeeeeee……… (insert desperate howl)

    Anyhow. I guess I should finish off my comment with a small shread of dignity.
    This is one of the best Lindsay/Cindy stories I’ve read. It is fun and very addictive, the characters are perfect and their development flows very naturally.
    Thank you for writing and sharing it, I will go back and re-read it over and over again. And hope in a second series!! 😀

  8. Another fantastic story, full of glee.

    A tiny bit scary because I’m actually on my way to Boston Pride in a couple hours, but over all very hot and very cute.

  9. Following the link to your L/C fics was one of the best clicks I’ve ever made. I’d been missing those two, but you really have a way of capturing the characters and making them… more. As they always deserved to be. I think I’ll sum up my vast enjoyment of all the wonderful L/C goodness here thusly… I couldn’t wait to read every little bit, yet I never wanted any of them to end. Many Thanks!

    Have you seen the unaired pilot yet?

  10. *sigh* that ending was beautiful. Your lindsay is so great. You managed to capture her strenght but also her vulnerability.
    So sad to come to the end of this one.

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