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  1. Can we say we need your fic more than ever now? This was crap – if my best friends took off to (read homework, have sex with a nobody, etc.) after I was shot, whether I was ok or not – not so much on the best friend-age. I WAS SHOT, PEOPLE!!!! Ummm…what happened to the rehash the ep at the diner – even at the hospital, as a CLUB? What happened to not changing the focus of the show?

    And I agree with your gf – I think I’ll just watch the original eps.

    Mourning our loss.

  2. Sorry I forgot. WT FUCK was that show! Cindy gets fake-kidnapped by Jamie Galvan and they all freak out? She gets shot for real, in the chest, and what? It’s like, Meh she’ll be fine.

    So yeah, Jill stayed, but she had to be asked, c’mon. And Lindsay your friend who you’ve known for almost a year and have grown close to (as witnessed in the last episode)just got shot! Would it kill you to sit down 10 minutes? Right you have to go have sex with Muffin Man who you’ve known for 1 hour and who’s leaving in a week. Did you all know he was leaving in a week? I’m not sure it was made clear. Geez!

    As much as it breaks my heart to say it, I think I have to agree with your girlfriend.

    One last thing, 10 bucks they don’t mention the shooting ever again.

  3. well i have to agree but the guy is a not a huge twist if u read the books. but i dont like him one bit i had to wait till today to watch it and i was like wtf i was all excited for that!? Hey i’ll take the 10 $ bet she will be fine next week and to make it even better when the guy leaves (lets hope he does) they will talk nonstop about him sayin poor linds she was just getting her life back.

    the show is called womens murder CLUB right? is there an i in club? no there making it all linds and not doing much with the others your right! sigh maybe our worst fear is comeing ture that these are the last eps and they dont want to spend time on them…. sad

  4. Wow! I was really pissed this morning. That’s what happens when you post without having had coffee. I’m not ready to forgive anybody, yet. I’m looking at you Boxer. I am however ready to amend my earlier comment with -I still want a second season- ’cause that’s how much of a sucker I am.

  5. Uhm, I’m at loss of words. I’ll point out facts.

    There are only 6 scenes (if I’ve couted right) with Cindy and Lindsay, including the one where Lindsay and the others watch her from behind the window. Basically Martha’s character is more important than Cindy’s in this episode. And Cindy gets freaking shot in the chest, for God’s sake!!! One would think that that would put her on top of her friends’ importance list…

    But I’ll focus on one thing, for this episode. First the “CINDY!” Lindsay screams in her damn sexy voice. Well, more than the Cindy (could have been AT LEAST a bit more desperate, I think), I’m thinking about the damn sexy voice… 😀

    Wait, did Linds actually call Cindy “honey” or did I make it up? ’cause I liked that part too if it existed…

  6. The scene with the boytoy didn’t bother me. There is a reason they call it SUBtext. Besides, nice shot of Angie’s back with a black bra.

    However, leaving the hospital… totally unforgivable. And having to beg Jill, who Cindy is the least close to, to stay with her until her mom shows up was equally distasteful. I’m willing to forgive the continuity gaffe, I used to watch Xena this one was NOT that bad.

    So Cindy has now been relegated to Jimmy Olsen status? Blech!

  7. No, I don’t read the books, but I do know that Boxer notoriously beds any penis-wielding person that she comes across in the books, so it wasn’t a shock. But these aren’t the books. More in a post later about that.

    Also, yes, I know that it is subtext and I appreciate it for what it is. I do think that I would have been slightly more forgiving of the main text if they hadn’t dropped an A-bomb on the subtext in the same episode. It was the leaving at the hospital that was the carnal sin. I think we are all agreed about that.

  8. I’ve only read the first three and Lindsay seems to hook up with an out of town guy (read: temporary) each time. But at one point she really does say that Cindy is pretty and dresses well.

    But, aside from that, does anyone know if the rumour that ABC announced that WMC is not renewed for next year is true?

    I know I said I didn’t want it if it was like the last ep., but I lied, really! I want it back, please…

  9. I had given up pretty much on WMC until I found Riley’s stories about two weeks ago, so I started watching the last episodes to see the characters I liked so much in her stories. In the “truth will sometimes set you free” episode, I just watch up to where everyone is clustered around Cindy at the bottom of the steps and try to imagine WWRW (What Would Riley Write). How she would yank Lindsay away from the muffin man, how everyone’s priorities and outlooks would change, and things would get warm and emotionally thrilling.
    I listened to the scene on the steps on, where the sound is better than my tv, and it does sound exactly like Lindsay says “honey”. But my favorite sound is, and I think it’s Lindsay, but it’s oddly sound mixed, when she’s running down the stairs she (or somebody) says nonononono, right before she yells”Cindy”. The “Cindy” comes over the top of it, but I think the nonono is Lindsay, too, just bad sound mixing.

  10. The scene around Cindy on the courthouse steps was pretty good, especially in comparison to the rest of the ep.

    And I totally love WWRW. Speaking of what Riley would write though, see the post on the subject, title inspired by you, and you alone, Arlene.

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