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  1. There is probably nothing I can type right now that wouldn’t be very cliche upon reading but I just felt compled(gosh I’m sorry I can’t spell) to write you a wow and a please continue. I mean I just read all of your entrys for this story today and I can’t wait for you to continue(well I can wait but hopefully you know what I’m trying to say)soo yup great job so far and I will so stay tuned for more.

  2. I hope you don’t have plans this weekend, ’cause you should really hole up and finish this! It’s been thoroughly enjoyable thus far.

  3. This story is AWESOME, i really really love it. I’ve read all the 30 chapters today, I was totally captivated and I couldn’t stop reading.
    The characters are so much like the ones from the show and so well-drawn… It feels like all of this could happen in the show. Except that it can’t… sadly. But a girl can dream, can’t she? 🙂
    Your writing feels so real that I can actually see what’s going on in my head!

    I love how you’ve drawn Claire in this chapter. She is so understanding and such a great friend, and a little motherly too. And totally truthful, which is just what Linds needs right now. That ‘gentle push or kick in the ass’…

    So, having said this, the story’s NOT over, right? You’re not done writing this, are you?? I want to read more! When is Lindsay getting back together with Cindy?? They are so HAPPY together.

    Oh, your story is so good! Pleeeeaaase, post more! I am OBSESSED with it now!
    Thanks for sharing this.

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