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  1. “Lindsay’s hand reached back, and a chill moved through the back of Cindy’s neck where it made contact. Then, Lindsay pulled her forward and tilted her head back, and her lips captured Cindy’s in a light kiss that left Cindy struggling to draw breath.”

    *tries desperately to catch breath*
    These lines were wonderful, the kiss totally sweet and hot. awwwwwww, for once, i kinda hated Jacobi. even though the interruption wasn’t too bad because Lindsay didn’t just pretend like nothing was happening, she KISSED Cindy again!! yeey!

    “Lindsay punched the phone off without saying goodbye, then slid the keycard out of her back pocket and opened the door. As soon as they were inside, Lindsay turned to face her, but instead of being apprised of the situation as she would have liked, Cindy was just on the receiving end of orders doled out in a none-too-gentle tone.”

    mmmmh, i don’t know why but reading the first sentence i got the image of Cindy sliding the keycard out of Lindsay’s back pocket. Now I can’t get the freaking picture out of my mind!!!!
    Anyhow, Lindsay’s orders issued in a none-too-gentle tone are always welcome with me. she’s hot when she’s bossy!

    good job!!! I’ll forgive you for sticking a picture in my mind that REALLY shouldn’t be in there right now-supposed to study, you know..-

  2. I so love your long comments with lots of specifics. I’m a sucker for this kind of feedback, seriously.

    And now I can’t get the image of Cindy sliding the keycard out of Lindsay’s pocket out of my mind either. Damn, that’s good stuff.

  3. 😀 WOW that was….hot for lack of a better word. 😀 excellent job. 😀 very, very nice. we get more like this, right?

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