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  1. uuuuh, I LOVE food. And being Italian I feel like I was almost raised to workship food and meals. From the endless holiday meals to the every-day lunches and dinners… I really like almsot everything (ALMOST. I can’t stand peppers or cabbage, for example) but the thing i feel like i love the most is pizza. I know this is very cliche, but pizza is one of the things i couldn’t possibly get tired of, I love to make it myself so that i can use any topping i want. I don’t like it with a too thick base, i think it tastes better if it’s thin.

    And another super-cliche italian food: gelato. and i mean the creamy italian one, not the ice-cream you buy that is already packed but the one they make in the back of the ice-cream place… huuumm! my favourite flavour is made only in one place i know of and it’s vanilla with pieces of nutella in it. fabulous.

    Yep, i could definitely live with only pizza and gelato for a while…

  2. Several things here.

    1. I actually love both peppers and cabbage.
    2. Okay, an Italian loving pizza is a little cliche, but it’s pizza. Who doesn’t love pizza?
    3. If you haven’t checked out the “Is This Thing On?” post’s comments thus far, I am trying to talk Seyren into an online ceremony with me. Maybe we can virtually travel to you for the honeymoon, and you can make us a lovely pizza dinner. Si?
    4. Vanilla gelato with nutella? That does sound quirky. While I am not a huge fan of nutella in general, I would be compelled to try this on your advice.

  3. You’re right, I still have to find one person that does not like pizza. But not everyone could eat it every day of the week without getting tired of it!! 😀

    No, I did not see that post or the comments until three seconds ago. But if you can get her to virtually-propose to you I would be delighted to have you here for your honeymoon and bake pizza for you! But you should know that I REFUSE to put crazy toppins on it (like pineapple, for example. It’s just not the way pizza is supposed to be!).

    I just realized that my description of the gelato wasn’t too accurate. It is supposed to be vanilla, but it actually doesn’t really taste like it. It tastes sweet and it’s yellow, but it doesn’t have that strong flavour the vanilla yougurt has. But inside it there are pieces of hardened nutella (which I LOVE)… Pizza and this gelato are the two things I need to have when I come back home from some time abroad!

  4. Hey, have you seen the chocolate marshmallows or tried them? I didn’t even know they made such things until I saw them at the store about a month ago!

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