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  1. In an alternate universe, where ABC doesn’t suck WMC has been renewed for a 2nd season, and the producers have decided they can no longer ignore the flaming hot sexual chemistry that exists between Angie and Redhead. They have also become aware of a brilliant up-and-coming writer. They’ve realized that one of her fan fiction would make an ideal November sweeps episode. “Ms LaShea, we think your “Conversation” story would make the perfect WMC puppy episode” “Could you write in a crime of the week and a couple of interrogation scenes?” Riley: “With my eyes closed” producers: “You’re hired!”

    One night, that following November, AU Nikky is watching the much anticipated WMC episode. Once the episode is over, after much squeeing and grinning, she ‘rewinds’ the DVR and watches it again.

    Oh yeah, in that AU Hilary Clinton has just been elected President, and Sarah Palin is being chased by polar bears.

  2. Holy F’in World Pleasure Palace!

    This is in absolutely no way meant to detract from all of the awesome comments I have received in the past and the ones that are hopefully to come, but I must say it…

    Best. Comment. Ever.

    Can I come live in your universe?

  3. Geez, I’m really hating having to follow such an awesome comment. And it is an awesome comment, by the way. But I feel I must say how much I fucking enjoyed this new chapter in this fantastic, hysterical, let’s all pick on Lindsay because she’s stubborn and oblivious, comedy you’ve got going here, Riley. I fucking laughed. I fucking laughed and enjoyed and SQUEED so bloody hard I gave myself a stitch and a cheek cramp. Nice work, Random Writer. Gotta say, you have this expert awareness of making things some so deliciously sexual when they borne of the most innocent of things. Like Lindsay catching sight of Cindy licking her lips. Followed by very naughty thoughts. I loved it. I seriously can’t wait for more. Soon… hopefully? Please? 🙂

  4. Oh My! It was just delicious! Sorry for being away for so long, it was against my will, the computer died, and, I’m only a little embarrassed to say, I pined for your blog and the fanfic! PINED. Coming back to it feels so so good. All the thanks in the world!

  5. Best ever? Wow! To paraphrase my favorite blogger, those are some ego-boosting words. I’ll take them. 😉

    Seriously, it truly means a lot that you would think so. Thanks, Riley.

    And yes, my universe is open to all who want to live in it. 🙂

  6. “…a sudden, catastrophic brain disaster,…”

    Most. Amazing phrase. Ever.

    I think I’ve even experienced one, but you did an awesome job of describing the effect.

    Besides, I’m sure Cindy licking her lips (or biting them) would do the same to me 🙂

  7. Greatest thing ever! I loved this chapter. I seriously laughed out loud and got funny looks from my family. Although in comment of a prior comment, Palin would more likely get chased by a moose than a polar bear, only because more moose live by her and they get quite aggressive lol

  8. Hah! Lindsay in turmoil is completely funny. Such a mix up of emotion and the subsequent confusion somehow makes the badass inspector entirely cute.

    Plus, I’m pretty sure my brain would cease functioning around Cindy as well.

  9. I said polar bears because apparently she wants to take them off the endangered species list, and when the alternate universe polar bears heard that, they got really pissed off.

    But you know, I’m fine with her being chased by, bears, moose, lions and tigers….the more the merrier. 🙂

  10. Oh man, you can’t make me laugh that hard, my roommate is trying to sleep!

    I friggin’ love flustered Lindsay, and am amazed that someone else knows what it’s like be inside my brain as it shuts down and turns to mush while ogling someone. 😉

    Much glee and thanks for this next chapter.

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