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  1. wow…the plot thickens. I can only imagine how hard lindsay is going to to push to have the event cancelled now 😀

  2. I love this. I think you should keep going. Sorry I havent been commenting. I love the stories you write. You should check mine out at under the name CharmedAngelicAngel

  3. I will check out your stories, because I do read fan fic too 🙂

    I have been laying off it lately though, because I noticed that some that I read was heading toward a similar plot device to one that I plan to use, and I don’t want to be unduly influenced.

  4. I’ve been holding off writing – both ‘cuz I didn’t want to single out a single entry/story & ‘cuz I’ve been busy as hell at work over the past month or so. And I’m saddled with a craptacular relic of electronic history at home. (Takes up to 20 minutes to open a website – if it opens at all. All courtesy of Bedrock Electronics!)

    At any rate, I have been a big fan of Lindsay/Cindy since before I even knew there was fanfic out there for them. And yours are the best I’ve read.

    You definitely have a feel for the characters & how they speak/interact (better than my lame, unfinished attempt). I look at your site everyday (right after I check my mail but before my ‘official’ start time). Even your non-story entries are fun to read.

    BTW (BT Way? – maybe not since it ain’t cussin’), I read your book long before I found your site. It was a lot of fun. I really appreciated it as I had just read some restored Grimm Bros stories (with all the gore & nastiness left in) before I got the Amazon delivery.

    Thanks Riley. You’re always a ray of sunshine in a be-nighted world of drudgery. I mean gainful employment!

  5. wooo, great chapter!!

    “She could not believe that she kissed Cindy. And not just once. Twice in one night!”
    Yup, with our greates joy!!!

    “Did she have any willpower left at all?”
    Yup, with our greates sadness…

    “as soon as she’d hung up with Jacobi, she’d wanted to go over to the bed and do it again… and again…”
    Huuum, sounds like someone’s getting pretty tangled up…. 😀 😀 😀

    “Cindy laughed, and Lindsay suddenly had a deep understanding of why these guys were her friends. It sounded exactly like something Cindy would have said.”
    Eheheh, i love this. Cindy’s friends are the best!

    ““I’m a cop. Do what I say.””
    Hot! Still, it would be much, much hotter said in another situation…
    I must complain a little here. All this action is fun and I really loved every bit of it, but where’s the OTHER kind of action???? you had me all worked up with last chapter and this time instead of mind-blowing sex all they have is aftershocks, and not even THAT kind of aftershocks????
    eheh, I’m kidding, of course. This was a great chapter and I love the details you put into it!!!

    ““Be careful,” Cindy whispered, before releasing her and letting Mark and Jason pull her away.”
    Here’s what I’m talking about!

    I hope to see more of this soon!!!
    Thank you for giving me something to read in a pretty boring afternoon!

  6. Hi John!

    First off, have you seen Office Space? Because your fabulous description of your computer makes me think of the scene where they take the fax machine out and go to town on it with nothing but anger and a baseball bat.

    And you read my book?!? Awesome. Do you realize how special that makes you? Seriously. You are part of a very exclusive group. (Translation: I didn’t sell that many of them.) I’m glad that you liked it.

    Welcome aboard!

    And Luce ~

    I said: “I’m a cop. Do what I say.”
    You said: “…it would be much hotter said in another situation…”
    I say: Holy sexiness! Rowr!

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