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  1. So, you do need affirmation! That pyschology degree comes in handy.

    Ok, here’s some affirmation. Here I am, in my homestate of Louisiana, chillin’ in Nawlins with my best friend. What do I do, Riley? I can’t even wait to get to a computer, I pull out my trusty Palm Centro because “I just have to check Riley’s blog!”

    I, personally, haven’t been leaving my usual upbeat feedback because I’ve been out of town on a much needed vaca while my students are on spring break. But I’ve still been keeping up to date on my phone. My thumbs hurt from leaving this comment so I’m going to go.

    P.S. thanks for churning out so many chapters lately!

  2. hey riley,
    i usually tend to be lurk on the outskirts of communicating on line but the thought of you not writing sends me into a panic mode. listen lady, your writing rocks. i love your fan fiction so much i check 2 times a day to see if there are any updates. it’s sweet, touching, action packed and fun to read. thank you, thank you. keep it burnin’ and churnin’.

  3. Riley, trust me when I say I still check your blog religiously and squeal like a schoolgirl everytime I see an update. I just tend to not abuse the “Submit Comment” button (and your last few updates had left me wonderfully speechless).

    So, really, you’ve done nothing wrong. Your mad writing skillz still has us hooked, your stories still leave us wanting more, and I still want to propose to you.

  4. Yes, The Hotness, you do indeed abuse the “submit comment” button, and I absolutely love that! I’m sorry that I made your thumbs hurt, and I’m glad that you are on vacation!

    Look at this. All it takes is a little self-conscious begging, and everyone comes out for me, including several new people.

    Jana, hooray! I did see your comment on the fan fiction page. Please feel free to give a shout out any time.

    Seyren – Wonderfully speechess? That makes me giddy.

    Go ahead and propose. I’ll say ‘yes’. Then we can have an online ceremony, and all the visitors to both of our sites can attend.

  5. Nothing makes people leave the comfort of lurkdom faster than the threat of fanfic withdrawl. So yeah, like everyone said:

    You’re the coolest. Please don’t stop writing. Sorry I haven’t said so before. I’ll try to do better 🙂

  6. No! I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad. Now *I* feel bad. It was just meant to be a humorous analogy. I don’t really feel like a dried-up, has-been lounge singer.

    I’m so sorry peoples! Forgive me.

    (though I’m not going to lie and say I’m not pleased that I’ve brought out some lurkers)

  7. You must remember that only a very little percentage of those reading actually leave a reply! And it doesn’t mean your stories aren’t good, because they are!!

    “I don’t really feel like a dried-up, has-been lounge singer.”
    aaaah, good. you had us scared there! 😀

    So now that we’re all happy and we have satisfied a little your craving for comments, GET BACK WRITING!!!!

    eheh, just kidding, again! but hurry anyhow, i bet we’re all in Linds/Cindy withdrawal!

  8. ha! I got what you meant, Riley. But your blog is awesome and you should be told.

    It’s just that when it comes to posting, I’ve got a severe case of ‘lazy-assness’. Although 3 replies in 2 days?… might be on my way to a cure.

  9. Good God- you are a feedback whore! Well, I suppose that’s better than just being a whore…..Love Ya!

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