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  1. And strangely enough, my first thought was “And I bet Riley is yelling ‘No, no, no!” at her television right now.”

    Unfortunate, indeed.

  2. well, i don’t want a video this time (thanks for the vid, btw, loved it! you’re so attentive to my needs). i just finished watching as i had twelve of our college students at my house in every room having a Halo 3 LAN party. i was yelling “do not disconnect the dvr,” at the top of my lungs all night. guess it wouldn’t have really mattered if they did, but i figured you would have some kind of response here so i wanted to check.

    if you got shot and i lived anywhere remotely near you and i actually knew you i would so be there for you!

  3. That so sucked. Sorry about that – I gotta go have sex with random guy who is leaving in a week. Argh. So wrong in so many ways.

  4. Yeah it was. Though when I re-watched it Lindsay did yell “no no no no” as she ran down the stairs and she did grab her hand when she knelt down…but that was it. Also what was up with the end? Lindsay taking off to be with her boy-toy and than Claire leaving to read homework. I mean Cindy actually had to ask Jill to stay ’till her relatives got there. Shouldn’t they have volunteered? Plus Cindy said she was waiting for her ‘parents’ as in plural. I thought her Dad was dead? She mentioned that fact repeatedly in that whole football episode. Sorry about that rant but it really irked me. Oh well, at least the Jill/Cindy shippers got some good fanvid material.

  5. My post ep thoughts shall be a post as per usual.

    Oh, and Tara, I cracked up at the whole “do not disconnect the dvr” thing. Heh.

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