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  1. once again thank you… I’ll be typing that a lot to you(if I haven’t already used it to much?) but umm yep I’m pretty much glad when you update any of your Lindsay/Cindy stories… hmmm although I may need to get creative in the asking department(oh ok and with the thank you thing). Soo yep do you like it when someone complements and praise you or would you rather a please and thank you?

  2. Oh, compliment and praise me. Absolutely. If you need some help, the following phrases really work for me:

    Creative genius
    Literary savant
    Awe-inspiring wordsmith
    Magnificent scribe

    Feel free to use them liberally 🙂

  3. Yay! Do you know hard it is to find funny WMC fics that keep Lindsay and Cindy in character? That was rhetorical, but the answer is pretty damn hard.

    Obviously the direction I am going with this rant is that you pull it off. You more than pull it off, you are amazing at it.
    *swoons at incredible writing*

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