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  1. this is turning into quite a cute story!

    i’ve thought more about the abbie/serena/linsday quandary. oh, and i completely agree with your claire/jordan observation. you know what i think it is? i think it’s the hair. lindsay has much hotter hair than abbie. likewise, jordan’s hair was much more fun than stuffy claire. also, do you see a similarity in jordan and lindsay’s hair? yeah, yeah?

    i’ve asked around and, apparently, i’m super hot. people say i should go with a simple “the hotness” as my aka. i don’t really think it totally does me justice, but if people think i’m hot, who am i to argue?

    how was your day?

  2. I’m sorry… Did you say it’s turning into a cute story? Meaning it wasn’t before?

    I agree totally. Lindsay has better hair, as did Jordan.

    And my day was typical that day. Yes, I know I’m behind. Thank you for asking, Tara “the hotness”.

    Hero? Really? I’ve been wondering why I keep waking up in a cape with no knowledge of the previous evening.

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