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  1. ok well since you put it that way.. I mean I wouldn’t want to come off as a non-reciprocal saucy little gnome lurking about. I’m living in(or is it on) Miami Beach and umm as far as a nickname.. yeah I have no clue.. I haven’t even earned one with my team yet.. well at least not a cool one because there calling me by my middle yep

  2. how vulnerable can i be? well,, for starters.

    i’m pretty much awesome, except that i’m not at all. one embarrassing fact about me is that i’m a total gamer. you know, like video games. please don’t laugh at my nerdiness.

    seriously, stop laughing.

  3. Okie, I can help with this, I’m almost certain…
    Jennifer, what position do you play?

    Doughts, city Colorado?

    “the hotness”, like Wii or like X-Box live or like online RPGs? Beware your answer. I will judge you accordingly.

  4. Dawwni, I’m in Colorado Springs this weekend visiting fam at Ft. Carson. It’s cold here. I like Texas.

    Riley, I play A LOT of Xbox 360. Too much, really. My husband and I play Halo 3 a lot on Live. I play a good bit of Call of Duty 4, Assassin’s Creed, Rock Band, Splinter Cell, etc. I like the shooters. I don’t like online RPGs. they were designed to suck your life away and there is no real goal to accomplish. The Wii is ok, but I’m not a big Nintendo fan. I think they’re games are pretty cheesy.

    Based on your rootementary (sp?) slang, I’m wondering if you play?

  5. I live in Northeastern Colorado, in suburbia. Very preppy 😛 very conservative Christian and very much a church town.

  6. Uh, I’ve seen this only now! But even if you posted this a while ago, I’m still going to write something about me.

    I live in Florence, Italy, and for the nickname, Lucille or Luce is perfectly fine. That is my clown name (every once in a while I go around an hospital with a friend dressed like clowns and we entratain little kids who are sick and even adults. it’s a lot of fun!).

  7. Ok, I’m pretty new to your blog and since I’m happy to partake of you writings I should probably disclose a little about myself. Thanks for the little guilt trip, nothing like the label ‘stalker’ to bring people out of lurker-ville 😉

    Well, I’m Gret, and that is my nickname. I’m not really fond of my birth name and never use it. I live in Melbourne, Australia and I’m a social worker. At the moment I’m addicted to online fiction to pass the time while recovering from surgery.


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