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  1. It’s Jill!!! I’m certain she was off bedding and mating with people left and right off screen!!! And I’m sure all of them were shocked when she jumped on them, including Denise (I don’t know about you but after seeing the Mirror Universe ep of ENT I’ll allways think of her as “The Great and Powerful Ho”.)

  2. And now this. I’ve read on a couple of different WMC boards that there was indeed talk of a Cindy/Jill coupling (and not just on a hospital bed). It is just a rumor. It probaly never made it on to an actual script, but accordig to those posters, it was discussed. Again not factual at all just something floating around cyberspace.

    Although not my pairing of choice, I would have gladly concidered jumping ship for the length of an episode, maybe longer.

    *sigh* I really thought I was done mourning that show.

  3. I had the Cindy/Jill thought only after episode 12. I really didn’t even think that they would go there. And they wouldn’t have. Jackasses.

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