House Arrest (19/35) – WMC fic

(12/26 – Cindy’s POV)

It had been quite some time since someone had come at Cindy with what appeared to be a kissing advance. So, maybe, just maybe, she’d forgotten what they looked like. Maybe, just maybe, that wasn’t Lindsay’s intention at all. Maybe she’d been coming after a hug. A hug wouldn’t have been particularly unexpected given the circumstances. But kissing? Kissing? That would have been unexpected. Not unwelcome, but definitely unexpected.

She must have read it wrong, because there was just no way that kissing was what was going to happen. Just because that’s what it looked like didn’t make it the truth. Michael Jackson looks like a white girl. It doesn’t make it accurate.

And things were normal when Lindsay came home. They just talked about the case. Lindsay gave her some ‘off the record’ morsels. Then, they went to bed without any mention of anything that happened earlier in the day. So, maybe nothing happened. Maybe it was all in her imagination. It did seem to be working overtime lately.

Though there was the one weird moment, just before bed, when Lindsay grabbed her and hugged her. When first it occurred, Cindy didn’t even think to question its origins. She was very content to just revel in the feel of Lindsay’s arms around her, and discretely sniff her hair.

It was what Lindsay said that made her wonder about the purpose of the hug. She’d whispered,”I’m sorry.” That was it. Could she have been any vaguer? Was she sorry for almost kissing her? Sorry that they were interrupted when they were? Sorry that Christmas wasn’t an all day long thing for them? Sorry that she couldn’t let Cindy leave the house to get the scoop in person?

What was the deal? Why the sorry? What in the hell was going on between them? And why couldn’t she stop seeing Lindsay, in her contrasting leisure clothes and fancy necklace, coming toward her with a kissing look on her face?

Lindsay was unattainable. That had already been established. So, why even let this possibility enter her mind and throw everything that was certain into ambiguous turmoil?

This was completely ridiculous. She couldn’t just ponder what may or may not have been going to occur forever. Figuring it out had now become her most immediate priority. Being Cindy, there was only one thing she could think to do.


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