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  1. I am surprised that you chose to go the Jill/Cindy route, even if just for drama and a triangle. Maybe it’s just me, but I find Laura Harris distinctly UNattractive. she’s, like, anti-interesting. Bland. But fandom seems to disagree.

  2. I know you say there’s only one way it can end up, but it’s gonna hurt getting there, isn’t it?

    In other news, I’m on page 79 and loving what I’ve read. Yay for girl power! And so many laugh out loud moments. Better get back to it. 🙂

  3. Ugh… Jill and Cindy… ugh. I’ll keep reading though, ‘cuz it’s you and your stuff always ends up great. I have faith.

  4. *sadface plus pout* i feel so bad for lindsay. as much as i dislike the jill/cindy pairing, it provides an interesting twist to a great story. can’t wait to see where it goes!

  5. Um, eek! I know this is a Lindsay/Cindy story and I’m all for that (because L/C is my ultimate OTP), but as an unapologetic Jill (and Jill/Cindy)lover, I gotta say I really hope she doesn’t get her heart broken here. I’m so torn! 🙂 Great stuff as always.

  6. 1.I if hadn’t read your highly amusing and absolutely correct essay on why Lindsay and Cindy are THE yardstick, I’d think you were converting.
    1.a) I fucking hate Jill/Cindy.
    2. Whilst I hate Jill/Cindy, I find myself highly intrigued by this twist of yours – it reminds me of Cindy slamming hard on the brakes in House Arrest – and will stick with the J/C unpleasantness, vomit and all, just to see where exactly this is going. I will say, though, that I simply cannot wait for the L/C harmony that I know you love and write so well. Fingers crossed it comes soon.
    3. One part in particular just reached out and grabbed my heart in a vice: Cindy, selfless, trouble-loving and making Cindy, reacting to Lindsay with a facade to her face, and pain behind her back; the way you described it was so eloquent I felt my heart hurt and smart from the pain. You are a hell of an amotive writer and it’s why I love reading your Cindy POV’s. That Rang’a is just my favourite and to see her hurt, and aching more from the emotional detachment of Lindsay, just makes me ache all the more. Please don’t prolong her torture. It was hard enough with Inamorata. I’d hate for her to be fucked over by Jill of all people because I can see that happening.
    4. Please make Lindsay extract her head from her rectum as quickly as possible. I’m also sensing, and maybe hoping, that Lindsay’s reaction to Jill laying hands and lips all over Cindy, will precipitate a meeting in which Lindsay will proceed to beat the living fuck out of Jill. Only to have Jill express a few home truths. But that’s my wishful thinking. I have absolute faith in wherever the hell you’re going with this.
    5. I hope an update to this comes fast. Because I’m hooked like a fish and doing nothing against being reeled in by your fantastic use of words. I am so looking forward to more… more of this… more of Extreme Sensitivity… more of Conversations About a Red Head becuase I want to see if Lindsay is being tortured by vivid images of “double stacking her favourite pancake.” I’m also curious as to how she’s going to react to this new ine of thought in the presence of her favourtie pancake. Can you blame super-cop for not having a defense against charming, trouble-making, free-spirited Cindy Thomas?
    6. I’m giving you a “That’s gold” for awesome writing, an amazing ability to make me intrigued, and to bribe you with another update as soon as is possible for you to update. I hope t works. *wink wink* *nudge nudge*. 🙂

  7. Eep. I know I’m going to get lynched for saying this but…’Go Jill!’ I’m just so glad that at least one of them isn’t beating around the bush (or, more accurately, hiding behind it). And really, who wouldn’t love Cindy?

    I also have to say I love that while Jill was complaining about Lindsay’s obliviousness, you then turned arounf and had her completely miss the point as to why her copper friend was so annoyed at finding the two of them in a lip lock. Hehe. Go team-dense!

    I keep telling myself I should feel bad for Lindsay, I really do, but then I picture Cindy laying there alone in a darkened hospital room. *sigh* Besides, Cindy might not even remember in the morning.

    You’ve made me very happy 😀


    PS. My word for the day is somnambulism. n. walking by a person who is asleep

  8. wow. When i clued into the direction, i was unsure, but that was very well done. Poor Lindsay, but i’m looking forward to seeing her fight for Cindy. 🙂

  9. Uh, found your website of WMC FF and thought I’d take a look. And sence then I’ve much read all your WMC stories, there awesome! You have Cindy, Jill, Claire and Lindsay character down packed. Can’t wait to see what happens next in this stories.

  10. Ah fuck.

    Love the line “She was always aware of the amused façade falling from Cindy’s face the moment Lindsay turned her back when she had been short or unsympathetic or infuriated with her. Good humor to Lindsay’s face. Pain behind her back. It was Cindy’s way of coping with her hot and cold friend and it was painful to watch.”

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