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  1. this is cute! I love their chemistry, they’re just meant to be together, and apparently Lindsay is finally realizing she’s attracted to Cindy! wooo-hooooo!

  2. I’m sorry for ever implying the story was not cute to begin with. It did take a couple chapters to really grow on me, but that’s my fault, not yours.

    As always, you rock!

  3. As always that was a terrific read/viewing(from your weather writings, Cindy video(s), and the past two chapters of “Temporary Girlfriend”). I like how your taking your time with Lindsay.. it’s really building the anticipation(if that makes any sense). So yep to answer your question I’m a punter/tight end but the coach also has me as an option for wide receiver(hence the lack of free time since the first game is in April). Uhuh so I’m not sure what you’ll be able to do with that but umm… would you want a link to my myspace page? I mean Tara did it and I’m not sure if you want us to follow suit?

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