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  1. All of a sudden, this site looks blurry to me, too, wonder why that is. Thank you so much!
    WMC Day, in 2009, was an idea on the spur of a moment, and it’s quite fascinating how it has shifted over the years, with all the changes in everybody’s lives, and, of course, with twitter. Even though this ship would have never happened for real, I’m sure that the subject of Prop 8 would have come up at some point, because they were already more than halfway there. (if it had still been Elizabeth & Sarah’s, that is). It’s been fun to see a handful of people getting involved, familiar folks and R&I fans half my age, people from different fandoms. So, yeah, I think this was a success again, and this might be the best moment (or at least very close to kicking off the day with D, having chocolate cake for breakfast).
    Thank you!

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