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  1. Awe, man…. it is only the complete confidence I have in you making things right that keeps me going with this.

  2. I had to check my pre-conceived notions to see if I had said the same if this was a girl/guy pairing or even any other girl/girl pairing. I still think things can be all right in the end, and I’ll trust you to make them that way. I mean it’s Lindsay and Cindy! Right?
    So yeah, Lindsay was selfish and all, and you got me scared there for a moment, but first and foremost it was awesome drama. Lindsay Boxer truly could be a character from a Melissa Etheridge song, with all her pain.

  3. Gosh… Linds is lost as a blind in a shooting.. she have to learn how to communicate to Cindy.. she deserve to know the truth and how Linds feels.. before its really too late.. if Cindy really wants a go with Jill so be it.. but at least she knows she could have a chance with Linds.. and i truly hope they find a way to be together 🙂

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